The idea Carpe Diem

«Carpe diem» is a phrase from a latin poem by the author

Quintus Horatius Flaccus,
who was usually called Horats.
He was a roman poet who lived at the same time as Jesus.
He was the father to the idea «Carpe diem».

It is popularly translated to «seize the day»,
even if it ought to be translated to «seize the harvest»,
as we use it when we harvest in apples and grapes…


My life philosophy is that I want to seize every day.
This day is mine! I can use it to do something nice, something special..!
I am happy that I’m alive and that I have an opportunity
to make my days positive and bright..

My mother’s tongue is Norwegian, but I dare to write in english in between.
In this to be able to share with even more people
what I want to share way can share my thoughts with you
and the other bloggers on WordPress!

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