Being private and privacy

I have always thought of the difference of being private
and the matter of privacy.

I love sharing pictures. This is of my grandchildren.
They were walking along a road,
and from a window leaked music. They had to explore;
Inside they saw youths dancing!

They had a sweet meeting through the window glass!

The moment was short, but I was happy to grasp it with my camera!

It is important not to share faces. I can share a moment like this with you, and still take care of my grandchildren´s privacy!

Welcome to my website!

This page is in progress, and this is my first post here.

I will be playing around with the site trying out different things, so be patient with me!

While I´m trying out different things here,
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I have been through many years and different blogs where I have been writing anonymously, but that is history now.

I am Astrid Hoff. I stand for what I write.

Do you want to know my interests?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Since my young years, I have always been interested in creating images, especially with photography. I started way before internet existed. Before the computer was invented.

So much has changed. I try to connect old age to this new one, as the same time as I dive into the future.

I want to share everything that I experience with you. My childhood, youth and my life. Pieces and stories. I will tell you in drops and pieces.

Sometimes I will share pictures, other times I will paint with words. Follow me and you will get to know my story!


This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.

Changes can happen late in life.

Moving on, into a new relationship, a new marriage and moving to a new place/area is very possible! I married my last and only this spring, and it is magic!

I have moved before, but it is many years since last time.

This time is for the last time. I promise. I have landed this time. I have moved home and it feels good.

I am building relationships. Friends, old ones and new ones. They are here. Around me, supporting me. This feels good!